Risk Management Guide

The Risk Management Guide is a legal practice management resource developed by Community Legal Centres Australia. 

The purpose of the Guide is to:

  • set a minimum standard for community legal centres' risk management of legal and related services
  • outline other recommended risk management procedures in legal and related services
  • provide information about the National PII Policy and National PII Scheme including the crosscheck

Nationally consistent risk management of legal practice and related service delivery is one pillar of CLCs Australia and state and territory associations’ drive for national, consistent quality assurance of all Centres.

Mandatory StandardsAccreditation and Membership

The Mandatory Standards of the Guide form part of the National Accreditation Scheme for Community Legal Centres (the NAS). The Mandatory Standards are a set of baseline requirements for Centres to ensure consistent quality assurance of all Centres, and ultimately good service delivery to our communities.

Full member Centres are required to participate in the NAS including satisfactorily comply with the Mandatory Standards. Compliance is assessed during the annual PII Crosscheck undertaken at each Centre, and informs the Accreditation Certification process. 

The National PII Scheme

CLCs Australia arranges nationally negotiated, bulk discounted insurance policies on behalf of the sector. One of the key policies provided is Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII). 

The National PII Scheme is the framework in which the National PII Policy operates, including the annual crosscheck process. The PII Scheme supports the sector through good practice risk management resources, like the RMG and template policies, and peer support and training through the National PII Network and PII Representatives.

Importantly, Centres are required to participate in the annual crosscheck and comply with the Mandatory Standards of the Guide regardless of whether they use the National PII Policy. 

Review and Version Control

The Guide was updated in February 2017. A smaller update was made in December 2017 to Chapter 4 following changes to the Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy.

CLCs Australia undertakes to review the Guide as required, primarily through the National PII Network. You can suggest changes or additions to the Guide to your PII Representative. We welcome suggested text or tracked changes!


The Risk Management Guide is strictly a member only resource and should not be distributed outside the sector without Community Legal Centres Australia’s prior approval. 

Download the Risk Management Guide