National Networks

There are a number of National Networks made up of community legal centre workers and sometimes others who work and/or have interest in particular areas of law, with particular target groups or CLC operations. These Networks develop national policy and positions regarding current issues faced by their clients, and participate in public debate on those issues. National Networks have the opportunity to meet face to face once a year at the National CLCs Conference, and meet by phone link up at other times during the year. National Convenors of these Networks are listed below.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s Network


Bobbi Murray

Phone: 02 4353 4988



Christine Robinson

Phone: 02 9569 3847


Animal Law Network


Tara Ward


Community Legal Education and Community Development Network



Phone: 02 9264 9595

Disability Rights Network


Mark Patrick

Phone: 02 9370 3135


Employment Law Network


Gabrielle Marchetti

Phone: 03 9662 9458


Australian Network of Environmental Defenders Offices (ANEDO)


Jo Bragg


National Human Rights Network


Dianne Anagnos

Phone: 02 9385 9566



Farzana Choudhury


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer Network


Sam Elkin

Phone: 03 8598 6614



Vicki Harding

Phone: 02 9332 1966


Older Persons Legal Services Network


Rebecca Edwards

Phone: 03 9655 2109



Jane Andeassen

Phone: 07 4721 5511


National Police Accountability Network


Lauren Caulfield


National Professional Indemnity Insurance Network


Catherine Eagle

Phone: 08 9328 1751


Rural, Regional, Remote (RRR) Network


Philippa Whitmam

Phone: 07 4616 9700


National Tenancy Association of Tenant Organisations (NATO)


Penny Carr

Phone: 07 3832 9447


National Social Security Rights Network


Leanne Ho


Women’s Legal Services Australia


Amber Russell

Phone: 08 8952 4055



Sophie Quinn

Phone: 08 8952 4055


Women’s Safety Package Network


Michael Smith


National Youth Advocacy Network


Ahram Choi

Phone: 02 9385 9592



Matthew Keely

Phone: 02 9385 9585




For information about any other networks or network issues, please contact NACLC.


National Community Legal Education and Community Development Network (CLECD)

The National Community Legal Education & Community Development Network (CLECD) supports CLE and community development workers across the Australian non-profit legal sector and promotes the value of CLE work as a core component of CLCs' work.

The Network is a loose affiliation that meets each year at NACLC's National CLCs Conference. This is an opportunity to share ideas, thoughts and projects. Each year the Network hosts a guest presenter at its meeting.

If you're a CLC interested in CLE and community development work, you can join the National CLECD Network mailing list and attend telecons by contacting one of the Co-Convenors, Andrea Staunton, on or 03 9784 4214.

The Network also hosts the Community Legal Education and Community Development Workers Network on Facebook. This is an online space in which workers can post questions, promote their work, share resources, tips and advice and... you name it.

For those who are also interested in law reform work, there's a CLC Law Reformers group on Facebook. And a group for CLC Communications Folk.

We also offer a range of resources (maybe an expandable/drop-down list or link to another page) to help CLE and community development workers. If you would like to suggest new resources, please email and include the words 'CLECD Resources' in the subject line.