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Community legal centers are independent, not for profit community-based organisations. They provide free legal help, including information, referral, legal education, advice, casework and representation services, to hundreds of thousands of people across Australia every year.

There are almost 200 CLCs nationally. This includes both 'generalist' and 'specialist' CLCs. Generalist CLCs provide legal assistance in a wide range of areas of law to people in their local community, including in relation to family law and family violence, credit and debt, consumer law, social security, migration, tenancy, discrimination, employment and child protection.

There are also specialist CLCs that provide services to a particular target group and/or in a particular specialist area of law. For example, there are specialist services for women, social security/welfare rights, tenants, consumer and credit, refugees, older persons, children and youth, and people with disability, among others.

There is an interactive directory of Community Legal Centres available here