CLASS logoCLASS, The Community Legal Assistance Services System, is the primary database for Community Legal Centres (CLCs) and Family Violence Prevention Legal Services (FVPLSs). The application is used to record Clients, legal and non-legal services of individuals, and services for the community (e.g. community legal education), in accordance with the National Legal Assistance Data Standards. CLASS is also the primary reporting tool to state and federal government funders, and also provides critical de-identified aggregate service data for state and federal CLC and FVPLS peak bodies. .  

In 2015 the Australian Government Attorney-General's Department provided significant funding to NACLC to project manage the development and rollout of a database to replace the previous database CLSIS. As of March 2017, CLASS is the primary database for CLCs and FVPLS.

CLASS Helpdesk, Training and Support:

Ph:     1300 484 498

In June 2018 NACLC prepared advice for CLCs and governments about understanding CLASS data and reports for periods prior to data migration in March 2017, and for the 2017-18 financial year. To download a copy of this paper, click here

Training at CLCNSW Quarterlies February 2019

The National Association of Community Legal Centres is running a short Data Consistency & CLASS Update and Training session on Tuesday 26 February at 4-5pm as part of the February Quarterlies.

In addition, members of the CLASS Team will be available to do one-on-one training with any individual staff throughout the Quarterly.

To book a one-on-one session, click here.